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Electric Pallet Truck
We manufacture and supply excellent Electric Pallet Trucks, which are engineered by our well-trained, experienced and qualified professionals. They are efficient to realizing wide requirements of buyers. All the Electric Pallet Trucks supplied by us are available at sensible price range and delivered on time. Advanced ergonomics, engineering, materials and the best quality electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components are developed into our Electric Pallet Trucks. Other features include programmable electric hand control, which make a safer, more efficient and more easily maintainable Electric Pallet Trucks.
    Electrical System
24 volt electrical system incorporating – Transistor "MOSFET" CURTIS, microprocessor controlled with onboard service diagnostic capability.
The controller provides many benefits such as maximum energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and infinite speed control capacity.
Through a flash code signaled by an LED - 17 detectable faults can be recognized.
Using an optional handset, faults can be displayed digitally.
Controller settings are programmable, which will be done by our service personal only.
An impact button provides emergency stop, which makes the power cut off to all components in case of any emergency and which is easily accessible to the operator.
The display console is placed directly in the operator field view and indicates the battery charge status.
Contactors of CURTIS/ALBRIGHTa.Forward/Reverse, b. Main Contactor,c.Pump Contactor, with which we can operate at high current range.
The control and power circuits are operated through fuses for protection.
All wiring & power controls are number coded.
The safety-reversing device on the tiller head prevents the operator being squeezed between the tiller arm and obstacles behind.
Wide version
Long fork
Sloping fork for paper roll
     Drive Unit/Brake
A heavy-duty 24-volt series wounded integrated with fully closed oil lubricated heavy-duty gearbox with spur input gear for low emission.
The drive unit is manufactured by CFR Italy.
This drive unit is equipped with an Electromagnetic Coil Brake.
     Hydraulic System
    Heavy-duty 24 V, 2 KW pump motor and gear pump is used for optimum performance.
The lifting and lowering function are controlled by DC Solenoid Valve, overload pressure relief valve, and protects the system from pressure overload.
The lift cylinder rods are hard chrome plated with polyurethane seals.
The lowering brake valve ensures lowering safety, steel pipes connects hydraulic components in the circuit.
Hydraulic oil tank with enough oil, as much as the system requires.
The drain plug provided at the bottom of the tank helps in draining the oil without dismantling any other part of the system.
     Operator Controls
The control handle is designed for an optimum turning radius with low steer effort.
The key switch and horn button are in the handgrips.
An ergonomic forward/reverse thumb wheel allows precise maneuvering.
An oil damped gas spring returns the tiller arm to the safe vertical position automatically.


  Model  AEPT-22 AEPT-30
  Capacity (kg) 2200  3000
  Max.Travel Speed (km/hr)    
  Unladden 7.5 5.5
  Laden 5.5 4.5
  Gradeability (%)    
  Unladden 15 15
  Laden 10 10
  Lifting Speeds (sec)    
  Unladden 2.0 6.0
  Laden 2.5 8.0
  Lowering Speeds (sec)    
  Unladden 2.5 9.0
  Laden 2.0 8.0
  Net weight (kg)    
  Without battery 470 560
  With battery 755 825
Battery indicator with pump lock out and hour meter
Outside fork spread-685mm
Fork length upto 2350mm
Special forks for cylinder loads
Single load wheels
  Wheels- All polyurethane
  Drive (1) 230*75mm
  Castors (2) 100*40mm
  Bogie Load (3) 82*70mm
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