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Drum Truck
We, Acer Engineer Pvt. Ltd. are well acknowledged drum truck solutions provider in India. Our company manufactures and supplies a unique range of drum trucks, which is designed to help you safely move heavy drums with ease. Our drum truck models are efficient to handle 55-gallon steel, fiber or plastic drums up to 24" outside diameter.
These are easy to use, simply place the drum truck upright along side your drum
Engage the upper rim hook, and tip back to load and move your heavy drum
These drum trucks are designed to handle 55-gallon steel, plastic or fiber drum with upper rim, 30-gallon drum at least 30" tall and Over pack or Salvage drums
Capacity is 1000 lbs
The Drum Truck stands by itself for space-saving storage
It is lightweight but tough enough to handle a 1000 lb load
A footrest helps in loading and supports a loaded drum truck
It rolls easily and quietly on 10" x 2" rubber mold wheels
The wheel drum truck is our best selling morse drums truck for good reason
The innovative design provides extra safety, ease of use, and versatility
With this ergonomic drum truck you can load and unload a heavy drum with ease and move easily in narrow aisles
The four wheels carry the weight, making it very manageable
It turns on a dime too
Can move a drum onto and off pallets, position a drum for dispensing, and when the drum truck stands by itself for space saving storage
Drum Clamping Lifting & Tilting Stacker
We are known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of drum handling equipments in the country. Our company designs and develops these equipments for standard drums. All the drum clamping, lifting and tilting stackers are constructed with strong raw materials to ensure strength and excellent results during operation. Our lifting and tilting stackers have vast demand in the competitive market because all the items are finished with special care keeping in mind the market trends.
Picks up drum vertically off the floor or pallet, transports to destination, lifts to the required height and deposits, where required
Can handle open drums, hazardous/high temperature liquids, etc without spillage
Can stack drum vertically one above the other without the use of pallets
Can place drums on mezzanines, catwalks, platform, etc
One man, safe operation
Available with electro hydraulic, flameproof electro hydraulic, battery powered lift and manual hydraulic lift models
Available GMP - stainless steel models
250 kg, 350 kg and 500 kg capacities with lift up to 4 meters
DOST - the most user-friendly drum stacker
The hinged handle folds to save storage space. For use it hinges outward to give added leverage for easy steering. Two 8" polyolefin wheels and one 4" swivel caster give this 1200 lb. Our designed and developed drum handling trucks have trim, tough, all steel, welded construction for strength and have excellent capacity to control it.
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